Active Vacations for the Whole Family

Take the kids on a trip that creates shared memories to last a lifetime. It almost doesn’t matter what type of trip you choose, but selecting one with multiple options that appeal to everyone’s interests will ensure your kids relive the trip again and again.

Push your limits on heart-pounding action adventures like a surf trip, ski retreat or national park vacation. Create a once-in-a-lifetime trip with  cultural enrichment and striking natural wonders, or throw the family into adrenaline-pumping activities and wildlife encounters in far-flung locales.

Whatever your goal, the best memories will be “when you’re taking in awe-inspiring sights and doing things you never knew were possible,” says Leigh Barnes, the North America regional director at Intrepid Travel, an adventure outfitter.

With all of that in mind, these 50 once-in-a-lifetime trips assembled by US News & World Report are guaranteed to give you – and the kids – a new outlook on life.

San Diego—surfing and other water adventures
Sydney—a wide diversity of adventure “down under”
Alaska—wilderness and wildlife
The Galápagos Islands—unique adventures in a rare habitat